Voices, Voices, Voices Of Dissent!

(Text: Heinz R. Unger)

Voices, voices, voices of dissent!
When we are crippled by fears,
then we've got to tame them.

We've got to raise our voices,
not just cast our vote.

Brace yourself against it,
swim against the tide
and decide for yourself.

Voices, voices, voices of dissent!

Little Bravery

(Text: Bärbel Mende-Danneberg)

I don't know: Should I?
Or shouldn't I?

I don't know: Could I?
Or couldn't I?

I don't know: Would I like to?
Or wouldn't I?

I don't know: Do I want to?
Or don't I?

But now I know.
I should, I could,
I'd like to, I want to,
I will. Right now!

The World Is A Disc

(Text: Heinz R. Unger)

When in the empire of the pharaos
they were building pyramids,
everybody living there believed
that this was the way of the world.

They didn't have any doubts and they thought:
That's the way it should be.

One is lugging heavy rocks,
and the other one is pharao.

To make it stay that way forever,
they even cut it into stone:

The world is sure to be a disc
and the moon is made of ivory.

The world is a disc,
a disc is the world,
from which you're bound to fall down.