Michael Hudecek

1961 born in Vienna / Austria. Director, film editor, musician, film- and musicproducer. From 1981 on different jobs in film business – from sound and video engineer to editing and directing. 1985 Senior editor at “Listo Video”. Editing and finishing tv-programms, commercials and a lot of videos for international acts like Queen, Tina Turner, Falco and Gianna Nannini. 1992 Foundation of his own film editing studio OFF•LINE, Vienna’s first address for nonlinear editing More and more editing of documentaries and feature films.

1994 “Goldener Kader” award for editing “Das Auge des Taifun” (by Paulus Manker)
2001 Formation of the production company GAMSfilm&music together with Christina Zurbrügg
2005 “European Film Award” for editing “Cachè” (by Michael Haneke)
2007 “Goldener Drache” award for “Bleiben oder Gehen” together with Christina Zurbrügg
2009 “Halbzeit” (Half-Time) is nominated for the “Rose d’ Or”
Since 2010 professorship at „Filmacademy Vienna“


2008 HALBZEIT – Feature documentary (co-director C.Zurbrügg), nominated for “Rose d’Or”
2006 BLEIBEN ODER GEHEN – Arts documentary (co-director C.Zurbrügg), “Goldener Drachen”


2012 ALPHABET – Documentary (by Erwin Wagenhofer)
2009 AM ANFANG WAR DAS LICHT – Documentary (by P.A. Straubinger)
2004 CACHÉ – Feature film (by Michael Haneke) “European Film Award”
1993 DER KOPF DES MOHREN – Feature film (by Paulus Manker)
1992 DAS AUGE DES TAIFUN – Music documentary (by Paulus Manker) “Goldener Kader”
1984 WIENER BRUT – Feature film (by Hans Fädler)