SONNENUNTERGANG mit CAFÉ DE CHINITAS (Sunset with «Café de Chinitas»)



Sunset with «Café de Chinitas» on occasion of the 500th anniversary of the death of America’s indigenous cultures

«Very beautiful interpretations, soft and melancholy, reminding us of times forever lost, a culture maliciously destroyed and hope shattered.» (Plattentips)

« … effectively shrillness is contrasted by beauty, sensitively the traces of cultures suppressed are rendered audible in the culture of the oppressors.» (Alternative)

Christina Zurbrügg (vocals), Judith Pahola (guitar),
Helge Hinteregger (saxophone, accordion), Peter Rosmanith (percussion)

Beautiful interpretations, soft and melancholy, reminding us of things forever lost, wantonly destroyed, and of hope extinguished. A violent process that still is omnipresent … (Plattentips)

Criticism and protest do not compete for attention; soft poetical laments, gradually arranged in subtle overtones only disclosing themselves to those willing to listen. (Salto)

“Sunset” is not a rabble-rousing accusation – rather a program reporting the causes and consequences of a conquest … efficiently shrillness is contrasted with beauty, sensitively the traces of oppressed cultures are made heard in the cultural heritage of the oppressors. (Alternative)

Christina Zurbrügg‘s successful vocal realization is quite impressive – a dignified musical homage. (Concerto)