new salon yodels from the “Wiener Klang-Salon”

‚SABABU‘ means “CHANCE” in Burkina Faso. With the charity album „me and you for SABABU” we support the school project of the balafon player Mamadou Diabaté in Burkina Faso. All the musicians who have performed at the «Wiener Klang-Salon» in the Beletage of Galerie-Immobilien in Vienna can be heard on it and have done this for free! 21st century yodeler Christina Zurbrügg curates artistically the «Wiener Klang-Salon» and produced the album.

Mamadou Diabaté (Balafon), eXtracello, Wolfgang Lackerschmid (Gramorimba), Nataša Mirković (Voice),
Ingrid Oberkanins (Percussion), Wolfgang Puschnig (Saxophone, Flute), Peter Rosmanith (Hang), Monika Stadler (Harp)
Vienna Clarinet Connection, Wiener Glasharmonika-Duo, Christina Zurbrügg (Voice, Accordion, Composition)

On the 11 versatile tracks the yodel grooves once in African rhythm, floats another time through sacral rooms, dances his yodel dance on the Haaberg in a teasing way, sounds archaic in a Georgian way, sometimes symphonic, sometimes minimalistic, sometimes in virtuoso Balkan manner, sneaks into yearning folk tunes or Scottish seeming folk songs. The compositions of Christina Zurbrügg show themselves in many different facets, leaning on traditionals and at the same time being completely independent pieces. Foreign and native at the same time, exotic and familiar, in any case touching.
Be surprised how yodels can sound!

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