13 new interpretations of Viennese doodles I got to know in the 1990ties while workin on the film “Orvuse on Oanwe – Servus in Wien” about Vienna’s tootlers. The three Viennese folk singers Trude Mally, Poldi Debeljak and Luise Wagner were the last ones of their kind who had mastered the almost forgotten art of “tootling”, a Viennese version of alpine yodeling. These new interpretations of the traditionals were made within the past 15 years, covering natural sounds, electronics, jazz, world and chamber music.


“Zurbrügg mixes tradition and modernity in perfect harmony.” (schau magazin)

“The whole album is a hoot and a delight.” (CD HotList: New Releases for Libraries)


Christina Zurbrügg (leadvoc, acc), Harry Tanschek (drums), Herfried Knapp (bass),
Josef Novotny (grand piano, electronics), Klaus Trabitsch (guitar),
Martin Kelner (flamenco guitar), Michael Hudecek (vocals, soprano saxophone, guitar),
Peter Rosmanith (percussion), Raphael Meinhart (vibraphone), Richard Filz (drums),
Rina Kaçinari (cello), Rupert Huber (programming),
Sam Vahdat (keyboards, loops, programming), Thomas Mauerhofer (vocals),
Walther Soyka (diatonic accordion), Wolfgang Tockner (keyboards, analog synthesizer). Vienna Clarinet Connection: Helmut Hödl (clarinet), Rupert Fankhauser (clarinet),
Hubert Salmhofer (bassett), Wolfgang Kornberger (bass clarinet).

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