a film by zurbrügg & hudecek

A little village in the Swiss Alps: Kiental. Lenin held a secret meeting there and it served Friedrich Dürrenmatt as inspiration for his play “The Visit”. In the fifties the mysteriously unknown Mr. Landtwing filmed there. The singer and filmmaker Christina Zurbrügg was born in Kiental and tells us with poetry and humour about memories and reality, past and present. A found footage remix.


Directed by: Christina Zurbrügg & Michael Hudecek
Cinematography: Albert Landtwing / Hannes Drapal
Script & Music: Christina Zurbrügg
Editing: Michael Hudecek
Sound Design: Nina Slatosch
Sound Mixing: Christofer Frank / Katharina Pichler
Production Company: GAMSfilm

A/CH, Color, 4:3, 52 Min, 16mm Found Footage / DCP


Director’s Statement

Christina Zurbrügg, one of the directors, was born in Kiental: The film reels shot by the mysteriously unknown cameraman in the fifties of the last century were personally pressed into my hand by my former neighbor, with the words: “You come from this village, you get the film reels”. We immediately had the film recopied and were surprised at the first viewing by the special quality of the material, both in terms of content and form. The value of this found footage material – both its significance as an intangible cultural heritage and its artistic quality – for our and our following generations was obvious.