«Vienna’s last original tootlers | a film by Christina Zurbrügg»

Orvuse On Oanwe means “Hello in Vienna“ in the language of the old Viennese folksingers. Trude Mally, Poldi Debeljak and Luise Wagner were the last ones of their kind who besides singing had mastered the almost forgotten art of “tootling”, a Viennese version of yodeling. The life stories of these three old ladies and of the singing landlady Anny Demuth are quirky, sentimental and full of zest for life. A journey through the past, scarred by war, turmoil and strokes of fate, characterized by the love of singing. The film project about the Viennese Yodeling was granted the patronage of the Austrian Commission for UNESCO.


„Woman power in a surprising way. (Dr. Ursula Hemetek)

New DVD version: 60 min. / 4:3 / stereo /
German with english subtitles (A 2013 / 1998)


with: Trude Mally, Poldi Debeljak, Luise Wagner, Anny Demuth, Pepi Matauschek
Directed by: Christina Zurbrügg
Cinematography: Heinz Brandner, Renée Kellner, Wolfgang Thaler, Robert Winkler
Editing: Zuzana Brejcha (1998), Michael Hudecek (2013)
Animation: Martin Auer
Score: Reinhard Ziegerhofer
Production: GAMSfilm 1998 / 2013


Reviews (Selection)

Cities have their own face and their own voice. A city is a big landscape in itself. The tootlers are the voice of this landscape – unmistakably and unique. (Dr. Erhard Busek)

“A pioneering feat for the conservation of female treasury of song.” (AUF)

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