DER BLAUE TEPPICH (The blue carpet)



The Blue Carpet combines South Tyrolean (Bettine), Swiss (Christina) & Viennese (Michael) roots into an audio book that tells fairy tales between tradition and extravagance for listeners of all ages.

The cicada and the blackbird meet in a classic fable about the joy of self-expression.
Nilufar tells a feminist outdoor witch fantasy story with Persian elements.
The Grautierchen (gray animal) characterized a bull calf as a development story in the form of a fairy tale, which comes into the world as an old animal and first has to develop its vitality with the help of the good mother sun.
Berenice and the Black Dragoness is about a daring dwarf girl who sets out to save a prince from the clutches of a dragoness.
In Gebeinchen und Meister Schlick, a princess and a maid exchange their clothes.
Miss Bertha is a late pear blossom that, thanks to her perseverance (and the help of a friendly raven), still grows from a little pear lady to a large, magnificent pear.
The goldfinch teaches a farm boy to distinguish between joy and sadness.
Behind the pomegranate is the most beautiful nipple in the Orient, whose owner trades her little treasure for freedom.
In the dream and then in reality, the milkmaid loses her teeth and is looking for a way to regain her bite.
After all, the blue carpet is as finely woven as a wedding veil and is washed up on the shore of the town where a particularly wealthy merchant’s widow gave her youngest son a nice present.


Music: Christina Zurbrügg
Sound Design: Benedikt Palier
Mastering: Robert Eder
Cover Artwork: Svenja Plaas

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