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zurbruegg & band - "yodel, dudel & more" - in concert

"Zurbruegg impressed us most of all with her voice, her eloquent sense of humour and her brilliant yodelling, which lends wings to herself (and to her audience) ..." Die Suedtiroler Wochenzeitung

Zurbruegg's attraction lies in her unique combination of singing, rapping and modern yodelling - a mixture of archaic-urban sounds with loops, natural sounds and electronics. With her marvellous voice Zurbrügg is building bridges between down to earth traditionals and urban soundscapes.

The ethno pop singer and songwriter sings in German, English, French, Spanish and the exotic Schwyzerduetsch (Swiss German). Songs about the everyday life - with humor, with great depth and full of poetry and passion for life.

Christina Zurbruegg (vocals/accordion/fujara),
Michael Hudecek (sax/vocals/git/laptop),
Wolfgang Tockner (keyboards, analog synthesizer),
Harry Tanschek (drums),
Herfried Knapp (bass)

01 manchmal

02 pinguin

03 für euch

zurbruegg & band - „yodel, dudel & more"