25 Years after 1984: Frequency and Storage Space

FILM-1984A document of acceleration | a Film by Werner Jambor

For his gloomy science-fiction novel from 1949 George Orwell chose “1984” for future prospects and as a book-title. 25 years later total surveillance and obliteration of individuality still remain fiction. Nevertheless the frequently invoked Orwell year 1984 is marked by the beginnings of those computer technologies that made networking and surveillance possible on a large scale. „25 Years after 1984 – Frequency and Storage Space” is a document of acceleration. “ARTGENOSSEN” shows human and electronic contemporaries on their journey into the network of densification.

Lenght 52 min / DigiBeta

With: Heinz R. Unger (writer), Ruth Schnell (visual artist), Christina Zurbrügg (musician), Horst Seidler (human biologist), Johann Weihen (computer industry), Wolfgang Heckl (nanotechnologist)

Directed by: Werner Jambor
Cinematographer: Hannes Drapal
Editor: Michael Hudecek
Music: Christina Zurbrügg
Production Company: GAMSfilm/ORF 2009 (Artgenossen)