CD | CHRISTL’s WONDERWORLD (2002) | Christina Zurbruegg

01 MEIETAG / IT’S MAY (t+m: zurbrügg) 3:11

02 MÄNGISCH (t+m: zurbrügg) 4:02

03 SII WIE-N-I Bi (t+m: zurbrügg) 3:52

04 ABSCHIED (jodler trad / hollinetz) 4:54

05 LOS MAREADOS (tango / t: cadícamo, m: cobián) 2:57

06 PASO RIOS (span. volkslied / trad) 1:42

07 ANDA JALEO (flamenco / trad) 2:48

08 DOS GARDENIAS / ZWÖI ROTI RÖSLI (bolero / t+m: carillo) 3:46

09 I BI HALT (t+m: zurbrügg) 1:59

10 D’SCHINDERGRUABM (dudler / trad) 2:33

11 BLIBE ODER GA (t+m: zurbrügg) 2:43

12 TJE-O (m: zurbrügg) 3:12

13 ALLS GANZ ANDERS (t: zurbrügg, m: gradwohl/zurbrügg) 2:59

14 MEIETAG AGAIN (m: zurbrügg) 1:13

the solo program CD. Exuberant yodels and spanish melancholia follow each other, as if that was the most obvious thing imaginable. Electronic grooves mixed with nature sounds, a cd with hints of björk and mercedes sosa, full of earthiness and glamour. And of course zurbrügg accompanies herself on some of her songs on the accordion.

« album full of memories, that provides an insight into her real home – ethno pop. Christl’s Wonderworld takes us from Switzerland to the big wide world: Tango, Flamenco, doodles yodels, rap ... very groovy with a twinkle of the eye...» (Jazzzeit)

«A musical universe that cannot be limited by any mountain, no matter how high.» (Die Presse)