CD | BEST OF YODEL 99-09 (2009) | Christina Zurbruegg

01 FÜR EUCH (m: zurbrügg) 2:55

02 PINGUIN-JODLER (m: zurbrügg) 3:56

03 TJE-O (m: zurbrügg) 3:40

04 STIX MIX (m: zurbrügg) 6:11

05 JUNGLE-JODLER (m: gradwohl) 3:57


07 ABSCHIED (trad) 4:54

08 D’ SCHINDERGRUABM (trad) 2:32

09 WAILING WALL (m: zurbrügg/strehly) 1:37

10 FUNKJODLER (m: ziegerhofer) 3:41

11 DOBRATSCH YODELLING (m: zurbrügg/strehly) 1:37

12 HOLOLO (m: zurbrügg) 3:38

13 GAMS LIBRE (m: zurbrügg) 3:08

14 ÜBERN GLETSCHERBACH (m: zurbrügg) 1:16

15 SCHNEE (t+m: zurbrügg) 3:02

16 FUHRLEUT (trad/remix by sober killer) 4:30

«Zurbrügg impresses us most of all with her voice, her eloquent sense of humour and her brilliant yodelling, which lends wings to herself and to her audience...» (Südtiroler Wochenzeitung)

Zurbrügg’s compilation containing selected yodels from the last ten years is a particularly multifaceted album. zurbrügg’s attraction lies in her unique combination of singing, rapping and modern yodelling – a mixture of archaic-urban sounds with loops, natural sounds and electronics. With her marvellous voice zurbrügg is building bridges between down to earth traditionals and urban soundscapes.

«paragliding over alpine landscapes.» (Wiener Zeitung)

«the most refreshing „almdudler“ for a long time!» (oneworld.print)