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Christina Zurbruegg

Raised in the Berner Oberland, Christina Zurbrügg came to Vienna after a long stay in South America and studied acting and classical singing. She became well known through her music theatre productions about the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca. Zurbrügg studied and played folk music, shot the documentary film “Orvuse on Oanwe” about Vienna’s last tootlers (tootling is a Viennese version of alpine yodelling) and in doing so rediscovered her own roots. Next was her solo program “Christl’s Wunderwelt”. The film “Staying/Leaving” by zurbrügg & hudecek was awarded the “Golden Dragon”, her song album “jetzt” was reviewed as a first class work between tradition and modernity and the film “Halbzeit” was nominated for the “Golden Rose 2009”. Last was her CD “doodle it – yodels from vienna“.

2013 CD «doodle it – yodels from vienna» with christina zurbruegg

2013 DVD/Book „Orvuse on Oanwe – Hello in Vienna“ by c. zurbruegg – Vienna’s last original tootlers

2011 zurbruegg & band – «Staying/Leaving» – film & livemusik

2010 CD «Registerwechsel» – zurbruegg . hudecek . novotny - new sacral music with yodeling

2009 Compilation-CD «zurbruegg – best of yodel»

2009 Film «Eva Pilz – Hindu Priest in Java" by zurbruegg & hudecek

2009 «to the end of love» – Songs from films with accordion - Theater Drachengasse

2008 Film «Half Time» by zurbruegg & hudecek – music and script: Christina Zurbruegg.

2008 China- & Indonesia-Tour as yodel soloist with the Orch. „Symphonia Vienna“. Conductor: H.P. Manser

2007 CD «now» by Christina Zurbruegg, presented live@rkh at the Radiokulturhaus Wien

2006 Film «Staying/Leaving» by zurbruegg & hudecek – music and script: Christina Zurbruegg

2006 Theatre music «Bambiland» by E. Jelinek for neuebuehnevillach. Director: K. Ackerl Konstantin

2005 Compilation-CD «lorca & more» on the occasion of 15 years of zurbruegg on stage

2004 live music project «yodel ‚n’ bass» – yodel meets modern beats

2004 Film portrait-series «Lebensbilder» about musicians and other masters of the art of living

2003 film music for «Beziehungsweise Freundschaft» – TV-documentary by Michael Cencig / One-year scholarship for composition from the Austrian SKE-fund

2002 film music for «Skifahren in Kitzbuehel» – film for a museum by Christian Berger

2002 On tour in Mexico with «wienerlied & jodel-chill»

2002 Film music for «Drei Buddhisten - vier Wahrheiten» – TV-documentary by M. Cencig

2002 Musical-film «IN OUT» – directing and music: Christina Zurbruegg – soundtrack CD «tai chill»

2002 Solo-program «Christl's Wonderworld» one-woman-show by Christina Zurbruegg, director: M. Hudecek

2001 Performances at several international music-festivals (A, CH, D)

2000 Solo vocals for film music «In the realm of the golden eagle» – 3 part TV series (“Universum”), ORF

2000 Shortfilm «The 99 best inventions of mankind» – a GAMSfilm

1999 CD «Äs chönnti alls ganz anders sii» with new yodels and own lyrics in Swiss German

1998 Organization of the series «Voices» in the “Theater Drachengasse”, première Christina Zurbruegg sings songs of Joni Mitchell and Caterina Valente

1998 Film presentation of «Orvuse on Oanwe» – Vienna’s last tootlers at the ORF Radiokulturhaus / Director: Christina Zurbruegg

1997 «Dancing Marilyn» – C. Zurbrügg sings and the music plays a dreamy waltz» – Theater Drachengasse

1996 «Orvuse on Oanwe» – Vienna’s tootlers. Life histories and songs – a book

1995 «Ciudad sin sueño» – music set to the poetry of F. G. Lorca – CD

1994 «Negress» – A tale. First performed at the Theater Drachengasse in 1993

1993 «Nehki lik – Let me tell you» – Stories and poems of different lives. First performed as a musical play named «Town without doors» at the Theater im Künstlerhaus in 1996

1992 «Sunset» with «Café de Chinitas» – CD

1991 «Startled» with the Orchestra Rudi Fuchs– CD. First performed as chanson-program: «It was much later on that I did learn to speak» at the Theater Drachengasse

1990 «A back-basket full of kids, a snotty old husband» – Folksongs of a woman’s life – MC and songbook

1990 «Café de Chinitas» – Spanish songs from the folksong-collection of F. G. Lorca – CD and songbook


Michael Hudecek

1961 born in Vienna / Austria. Filmmaker, musician, producer. From 1981 on different jobs in film business – from sound and video engineer to editing and directing. 1985 senior editor at "Listo Video". Editing and finishing tv-programms, commercials and a lot of videos for international acts like Queen, Tina Turner, Falco, Nina Hagen, Gianna Nannini. 1992 foundation of his own film editing studio OFF•LINE, Vienna’s first address for nonlinear editing. More and more editing of documentaries and feature films. 1994 „Goldener Kader“ award for editing „Das Auge des Taifun“ (by Paulus Manker), 2005 „European Film Award“ for editing "Cachè" (by Michael Haneke). 2001 formation of the production company GAMSfilm&music together with Christina Zurbrügg. 2007 "Goldener Drache" award for „Bleiben oder Gehen“ together with Christina Zurbrügg. 2009 „Halbzeit“ is nominated for the "Rose d' Or". Since 2004 bandmember of „Zurbrügg & Band“ (soprano saxophone, guitar, vocals). Since 2010 professorship at „Filmacademy Vienna“. At last CD-production „Doodle It“ together with Christina Zurbrügg and directing the documentary „Stimmen, Stimmen, Gegenstimmen“ (Voices, Voices, Voices Of Dissent) which is presented at Diagonale Filmfestival 2014.

catalogue of work (selection)

2014 "Stimmen Stimmen Gegenstimmen" - documentary (directing)

2013 "Doodle It" cd-production with Christina Zurbruegg

2012 "Alphabet" documentary by Erwin Wagenhofer (editing)

2010 "registerwechsel" cd-production with Christina Zurbruegg and Josef Novotny

2009 "Am Anfang war das Licht" documentary by P.A. Straubinger (editing)

2009 "Eva Pilz - Vom Schauspiel zur Hindupriesterin" documentary (co directing with C. Zurbruegg)

2009 "Not An Illusion" music documentary by Torang Abedian (editing-supervisor)

2008 "Halbzeit" feature documentary (co directing with C. Zurbruegg) nominated for "Rose d'Or" 2009

2007 "Leben und sterben nach Buddha" - documentary for Metafilm/ORF (directing)

2007 "Wahre Liebe wartet?" documentary for Metafilm/ORF (directing)

2007 "zurbrügg - jetzt" cd-production with Christina Zurbruegg

2006 "Bleiben oder Gehen" arts documentary (co directing with C. Zurbruegg) "Goldener Dracher"-Award

2004 "Caché" feature film by Michael Haneke, "European Film Award" for editing

2004 "Lebensbilder" documentary (co directing with C. Zurbruegg)

2003 "Beziehungsweise: Freundschaft" documentary by Michael Cencig (editing/music)

2002 "Christl’s Wunderwelt" A One-Woman-Music-Show with C. Zurbruegg (directing)

2001 "tai chill" cd-production with C. Zurbruegg

2001 "3 Buddhisten – vier Wahrheiten" documentary by Michael Cencig (music)

2001 "George Tabori" portrait by Eberhard Görner (editing)

2001 "IN OUT – Move the world" arts documentary by C. Zurbruegg (editing/music)

2000 "Die 99 besten Erfindungen der Menschheit" short film (co directing with C. Zurbruegg)

1999 "The Rounder Girls" documentary by Sabine Derflinger and Bernhard Poetscher (editing)

1998 "Endlich Schluss" tv-play by Dieter Berner (editing)

1997 "Alma - A ShowBiz ans Ende" theatre-film by Paulus Manker (editing)

1997 "Kids von Berlin" tv-series by Dieter Berner (editing)

1994 "Der heilige Bauer" documentary by Georg Lhotsky (editing)

1993 "Der Kopf des Mohren" feature film by Paulus Manker (editing)

1992 "Das Auge des Taifun" music documentary by Paulus Manker "Goldener Kader" award for editing

1985 "Luftschnappen" documentary by Hans Werner Mackwitz (editing)

1984 "Wiener Brut" feature film by Hans Fädler (editing)

1984 "Melodie einer Stadt" music documentary by Gerhard Bronner (editing)

1983 "Mission Monoton" experimental music film by Fritz Kleibel (editing)